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Non-Credit Courses and Certificates

Microsoft Office Essentials

Ideal for

anyone entering or wanting to improve their productivity in the workplace. Computer knowledge and skills are vital to productivity in any office setting. Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and Outlook® are among the most utilized computer software programs in any work environment.  

Students should have basic Window®, keyboarding, and mouse skills including file saving with some exposure to Microsoft® Office. This program is PC driven and is taught from the PC/Windows® perspective.

Program Overview

Courses require a Windows® operating system. Courses are taught from Windows® or Microsoft® and are not compatible with iOS Macintosh® systems.

This seminar course offers an opportunity to learn a strong working knowledge of Outlook, Word and Excel.  The basics of PowerPoint and Access will also be introduced. Practice data entry skills, learn to use mail merge, send meeting invitations and share data between the different Microsoft Office programs with our expert facilitator. You will build your knowledge and skills through lecture, hands-on practice in our computer labs, and project work. 

Combine this course with any other job or career program at NVCC for the strongest resume. Computer skills are especially important for students interested in the Bookkeeperor Medical Administrative Assistant programs. 

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    FALL 2024

    Registration-Apply Here or Call 203-575-8029

    • 80637 - MS Office Essentials - Starts 9/30 Wtby $800

    Please note there in no payment plan for this course.

    Course Locations

    Conveniently offered at our Waterbury and Danbury Campuses.


    Program Coordinator:

    Cynthia Tolin


    Microsoft Office Essentials

    This seminar course provides instruction and hands on opportunities to build your skills in several Microsoft Office Applications. Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access are among the most widely used applications in any business or work environment and the ability to integrate functions between these applications can greatly improve your productivity and help you achieve greater efficiency.  

    MS Excel 2019 - Introduction

    This module of the Microsoft Essentials course is an electronic spreadsheet used to store, organize, calculate and manipulate data.  This module of the Microsoft Office Essentials course will improve your competency for creating worksheets, using basic formulas and functions and creating and modifying charts.  These introductory skills are an asset in any job in today's industry.  The collection and tracking of budget numbers and all varieties of data are essential to business success and can even be used to order our personal finances. 

    AWS-Academy Cloud Foundations

     AWS Academy Cloud Foundations is intended for students who seek an overall understanding of cloud computing concepts, independent of specific technical roles. It provides a detailed overview of cloud concepts, AWS core services, security, architecture, pricing, and support. 

    Course Objectives Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 

    • Define the AWS Cloud 
    • Explain the AWS pricing philosophy 
    • Identify the global infrastructure components of AWS 
    • Describe the security and compliance measures of the AWS Cloud, including AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) 
    • Create a virtual private cloud (VPC) by using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)  
    • Demonstrate when to use Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), AWS Lambda, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk  
    • Differentiate between Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS), and Amazon Simple Storage Service Glacier (Amazon S3 Glacier) 
    • Demonstrate when to use AWS database services, including Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Aurora 
    • Explain the architectural principles of the AWS Cloud 
    • Explore key concepts related to Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon CloudWatch, and Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Duration Approximately 20 hours. When delivered synchronously by an educator. Detailed timings are provided below. Actual delivery times will vary from class to class and depending on the delivery format. AWS Academy Cloud Foundations must be delivered over a period of at least two weeks.
    QuickBooks Pro

    QuickBooks Pro

    This comprehensive course covers the fundamentals of using QuickBooks Pro to track the finances of small business. Students will learn QuickBooks Pro with a hands-on approach by doing the actual accounting for a fictional company. Students will practice how to set upa new company, create databases to store information about customers and vendors, set up inventory, process invoices, work with bank accounts, process payments, enter and pay bills. Textbook and software access are included in the course.

    18 hours. (This course is not part of the Bookkeeper Certificate Program.)

    Prerequisite: Basic computer skills.

    Introduction to QuickBooks-REMOTE

    This course will explore best practices for tracking finances, managing payroll, processing invoices, controlling inventory, managing sales and expenses, and maximizing the software's other features. 

    Requirement's for this course: Internet access and computer. Microphone and webcam needed for live audio/video training. 

    This course will be taught using Webex. The instructor will contact students with further instructions one to three business days prior to class.

    Prerequisites: Basic Windows, keyboard and mouse skills.

    Creating Forms / Adobe Pro

    Adobe Acrobat Pro can help you turn your paper forms into electronic ones that can save time. You can design a new form from scratch, convert a Microsoft Word form to a PDF, or scan a paper form and then create a new electronic form from it. This feature permits a form to be sent as an email attachment, completed by the recipient and submitted to the sender all electronically.

    Bringing PowerPoint to Life

    Bringing PowerPoint to Life

    Microsoft PowerPoint has become a staple in the workplace. Knowing how to use it effectively for meetings, sales calls, and training sessions or to pitch the next big idea is what makes all the difference. Many people know how to set up a basic PowerPoint presentation, but basic presentations come off as flat and uninteresting. This session will walk you through how to bring your presentation to life by adding animations, audio, video, transitions, drawings, action buttons and links to your presentations that not only impress the audience, but are used to drive your point home. 

    Course Benefits:

    • Learn how to add audio and video clips-and when they should be used
    • Understand how animation can be used to drive home your point
    • Gain tips and tricks for transitions that allow you to move through slides seamlessly
    • Learn how to draw on your slides for affect
    • Understand what buttons are and how to use them within the presentation
    • Acquire an understanding of the proper use of hyperlink
    • Connecting content with strong visuals
    Microsoft Office Introduction and Outlook

    This module of the Microsoft Essentials course will introduce basic computer concepts and the powerful applications available in the MS Office components.  Navigate the ribbons and menus, create folders and organize your files for efficient recall. You will learn how to send and receive messages in MS Outlook, attach a file to an email message, and save an attachment received in an email. 

    Microsoft Word - Introduction

    This module of the Microsoft Essentials course is an easy to use word-processing program that allows you to create many different types of documents.  Get up to speed quickly in four content-packed sessions.  Make your documents stand out to the reader and learn to format text using fonts, word art, bullets, hanging tabs and tables.  Utilize mail merge operations to create professional letters with envelopes and labels. 

    Microsoft PowerPoint - Introduction

    This module of the Microsoft Essentials course is a presentation software program.  It is a great tool for business, classrooms, and personal use. Topics include how to: create and open, save, print and deliver a presentation; work with slide layout, design and organization; import an outline to and from Microsoft Word; and work with graphic, animation and sound. Develop your skills to create a slideshow. 

    Microsoft Office Integration Tasks

    In this module from the Microsoft Office Essentials course you will learn how to share data and information between the Microsoft Office applications smoothly and increase your efficiency. Practice integrating Word, Excel and PowerPoint with each other. This comprehensive session will have you integrating data from a word table into an excel spreadsheet and vice versa, positioning  an Excel chart in your PowerPoint presentation and using a Word outline to create PowerPoint presentation. 

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    Learn about Payment Options and How to register on this page.

    Important Information

    • Prerequisites:
      • Basic computer skills including: navigating in a windows environment, using a mouse, and saving a file.
      • High School Diploma, GED or equivalent is recommended for employment but not required for course work.
      • A payment plan is available for this program. Please download the form and bring a signed copy with your first installment when you register. Students registering for the Microsoft Essentials Certificate will save $98 over the total cost of the individual courses.
    • Textbooks and Educational Materials: No need to make a trip to the bookstore, all required textbooks, and materials will be provided in class and are included in the cost of the course.
    • Refund Policy, Changes and Cancellations: Withdrawal and refund requests must be received three business days (72 hours) prior to the beginning of class unless stated otherwise in the course description. Refunds are not granted after this deadline. Telephone: 203-575-8029 Fax: 203-575-8243 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mail: Non-Credit Refunds, Room F323, Naugatuck Valley Community College, 750 Chase Pkwy., Waterbury, CT 06708 If there is a course cancellation due to insufficient enrollment, students will be notified by phone, mail and/or email. Please make sure when registering that your contact information is up-to-date. We would like to offer you the opportunity to transfer to another section, if available, or to another class of your choosing. If we have not heard from you within 7 business days, a refund will automatically be processed. Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing. The person registered in our records system is the person who will receive the refund. The College reserves the right to make changes to the information listed in this publication or to cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment or other reasonable causes. Full refund is made if the College cancels the course. 
    • College closings due to inclement weather: Closings are announced over local AM/ FM radio/TV stations, on the college website (, on the college’s main phone line (203-575-8000) and a text message is sent to everyone who is registered through the myCommNetAlert System. Likewise, in the event of an early closing, the same communication will occur. If the college has a delayed opening, all classes that begin before the delayed opening time will not be held that day and will be rescheduled at another time. Danbury and off-site cancellations: If NVCC cancels or delays classes, this applies to Waterbury and Danbury Campuses as well as all off-site locations. 
    • Students with Special Needs-ADA: Students who may require academic adjustments on the basis of a disability are encouraged to contact the Counselor for Students with Disabilities (Terry Latella K519C) at the Waterbury and Danbury Campuses. After providing documentation and completing the disability disclosure process, students are then encouraged to meet with their instructor(s) to discuss the adjustments approved by the appropriate disabilities contact and to complete the Adjustments Agreement form.  Students are therefore encouraged to meet with the Disabilities Counselor and their instructor(s) at the beginning of each semester.  Adjustments are not retroactive.   Instructors, in conjunction with appropriate college personnel, will provide assistance and/or adjustments only to those students who have completed the disability disclosure and academic adjustments process. 

    Course Registration and Payment Plans

    No formal application to the College is required for non-credit/workforce training courses.

    Registrations are accepted on an ongoing basis for upcoming classes.

    Ways to register

    Call us: 203-575-8029 for information (Motorcycle registrations cannot be taken by phone)

    Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

    New Secure Fillable Format Workforce Development and Continuing Education Registration Form 

    Fax: 203-575-8243 (secure line)

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Mail and send with payment (checks or money order made out to NVCC only) to:

    Office of Non-Credit Lifelong Learning Registration
    Founders Hall, Room F323
    750 Chase Parkway
    Waterbury, CT 06708

    Or stop by, we're happy to assist you!

    Accepted Forms of Payment:

    Money Orders or Checks

    Mail-in registrations credit cards or checks only, Please do not mail cash!

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