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Future Student Resources

The Smart Choice

Deciding to attend Naugatuck Valley Community College is the smart choice. Learn in technologically advanced classrooms amid beautiful, safe surroundings. Choose from more than 100 accredited programs leading to associate degrees or professional certification, or more than 120 non-credit courses to sharpen your professional proficiency, develop a talent or improve your employable skills.


Start your college career here and transfer to a four-year college or university after earning your associate degree. NVCC currently has transfer partnerships with the Connecticut State Universities, University of New Haven and more, which means qualified credits you earn at our College will transfer to your four-year degree! 



Our beautiful Waterbury Campus is just minutes from Exit 18 off
of I-84. Come enjoy our extensive: 

Plus, you can take classes in our Technology Hall, which features: the latest classroom technology, advanced laboratories, a freestanding greenhouse and state-of-the-art facilities for our:

  • engineering, 
  • manufacturing,
  • automotive and
  • hospitality programs. 

The College's newly-renovated Founders Hall is home to our Center for Health Sciences where you can train in our modern classrooms and progressive health care simulation labs. 

Our Danbury Campus offers an opportunity for students to study and access most College services closer to home. The newly expanded 20,000-square-foot facility features lab science courses, along with an expanded selection of other credit and non-credit offerings.


You’ll save thousands by attending a two-year college and transferring to a four year college or university. Financial aid, payment plans and scholarships help make  financing your education very manageable.


Campus Life

Meet new people and discover different and exciting dimensions of life. College is about expanding your universe! Choose from more than 40 clubs and organizations, including professional and honor societies, and find yourself surrounded by people who share your interests and dreams.

Hear What Our Students Have to Say

Christopher Gordon Christopher Gordon

I appreciate having a job on campus because it offers flexibility. Plus I’m able to use some of the funds I’ve earned to take summer classes so I can finish my A.S. degree sooner and start on my bachelor’s degree.

Edyta Blicharz Edyta Blicharz

The new Center for Health Sciences looks and feels great. There are a lot of new student areas with bigger spaces for us to get work done and socialize with class mates. The new simulation labs are amazing. The nursing professors at NVCC are not only wonderful at teaching but they are also experts at what they do. They are always open to help you in any way possible and having them talk to the class about their experiences in the field helps us to learn through their hands-on wisdom.

Maya Cooper Maya Cooper
I thought I would not like coming to a community college, but when I came here I loved it. Its way better than I ever thought it could be. There are so many clubs and activities, anyone can find a place to fit in. I tell all my friends to come to NVCC. I guarantee there will be something for you.
Nicole Hayes Nicole Hayes

I’ve grown as an individual here at NVCC, learning to look at the larger picture, to place myself in the other’s shoes, becoming more empathetic. I’ve come of age, am less impulsive in my thoughts about people, and am more willing to speak out on topics of social justice. Three faculty members, Brian Goedde, Julia Petitfere, and Steve Pariato, have been a big part of my growth, because they recognized my gifts before I did. My advice for students is to immerse themselves in opportunity, because each experience can create a connection and lead us toward our true life’s purpose.

Chelsea Clow Chelsea Clow

Thereare so many clubs and activities at NVCC. I have been involved with the studentnewspaper, student government, Phi Theta Kappa, and the President's Circle; Ibecame a student worker before graduating to become an educationalassistant.The opportunities I received outside of the classroom have been justas beneficial as my classes. My professors took the time to understand my goalsand recommended activities that would ultimately help me attain them. Iencourage everyone to get involved - you get so much out of being active here.

Justin Subervi Justin Subervi

NVCC is the best place to begin your education. It’s the most affordable school in the area in addition to having some of the most caring/dedicated professors I have ever met. This school has helped me grow in a variety of ways, and I’m grateful for the assistance in making my academic dreams come true.

Deciding to come to NVCC was the best choice I ever made. I love the people here - the diversity, the different backgrounds everyone carries just makes NVCC unique compared to how high school felt because everyone was just like me. Initially, I had hoped to go to a college in Virginia, but realized it wouldn’t work financially. When I first started, I had thought that community college was for people who didn’t have dreams or goals – but after meeting lots of students and learning about their goals and passion for their area of study I don’t believe that anymore. If you hear negative things about community college don’t let it influence your decision about attending…NVCC can change your life!
NVCC is a great launching pad for your education without going deep into debt - allowing bright students to save money and those with less than stellar resumes to prove themselves.
The Veterans Oasis is amazing. You get to share stories with other veterans and help each other out. Our veteran rep is such an advocate for us and supports us in so many ways. NVCC is great to us veterans.
NVCC Danbury is very convenient. It’s close to where I live, it has a low cost tuition, great staff, advisors and professors who are like mentors, lots of clubs and great opportunities. My favorite spot is the A.C.E because of the free tutoring! I recommend everyone comes to NVCC - it prepares you for your future.
As a 33 year old I thought I was going to feel like an outcast, older than all the other students, and bigger than everyone. But, all those things changed when I first started here at NVCC. NVCC is an accepting environment and they protect all students. Student services including the ACE, CAPSS, and the Library gave me many advantages and also made me feel like I could become anything and be who I want to be, because my past will never define my future.
NVCC has a wide diversity of options and opportunities. I took classes that I never imagined taking and now I have a new direction for my career. Plus, it helped me save money!
The faculty is a tremendous support in everything I need help with for my academics. They really care about me and how well I am doing with classes.
If you're a Veteran and not in college, I ask you 'why are you NOT going to school?' You should be taking classes – you've earned it! NVCC is a great place to start. At first I was apprehensive, because I thought the GI Bill process would be harder than it was, but the staff who works with Veterans in the Financial Aid office makes it extremely easy to understand and made the whole thing go smoothly. There is an active Veteran's Club on campus and the Veterans Oasis is a favorite spot to hang out or study with other Vets. I am in the Army National Guard and have deployed to Afghanistan. My professors are really supportive when I need to be away for training; they get the commitments we have. Take it from me - a mom, veteran and college student - you can do it!
I am from Nepal but have been studying in the U.S. for two years. I had been going to a different school but found a much more encouraging environment here at NVCC. When I was at the private school, I had to take a huge loan. Now that I go to NVCC, it’s a more affordable education so I don’t need a loan, plus NVCC offers work-study. The opportunities here are incredible. –if you want to dance, you can dance. If you want to learn about science, business, math – basically anything – you can! The international advisor is very helpful and is always there if you need her. If you want to go to school, with all your heart – you can. I’ve found a home here at NVCC and you can too!
The library at NVCC offers lots of resources beyond books and databases. There’s printing, computer labs, and lots of staff to help you find what you need. I also use the library to rent out laptops when I need them. They even have guitars to borrow. Not only are the resources at NVCC great but also the staff who really dedicate themselves to help the students move forward.
I earned my associates in General Education at NVCC, then transferred to Quinnipiac University to earn my Bachelor’s in Journalism. NVCC did a great job preparing me for Quinnipiac. I found that the caliber of classes were equal at NVCC to many at Quinnipiac. My close advisors and professors mentored me through the transfer process and guided me to make sure I kept my big picture goals in mind while choosing classes and joining clubs. Both my sisters are attending NVCC and my brother finished the Advanced Manufacturing Certificate program and is continuing his studies in engineering. NVCC is a great place to start!
As a first generation college student NVCC really gave me the support to navigate the admissions and financial aid process. My goal was to transfer to Eastern CT State University once I got my associate degree and my advisor helped me with all my questions and made sure I had a smooth transfer process to Eastern CT State University. I can’t wait to be the first person in my family to earn a bachelor’s degree! Some people say community college is like high school – but it’s definitely not. There’s so many opportunities to make your own path – it’s definitely college. In fact, my brother, sister and cousin will all be coming to NVCC too!