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Book Credit – Using Financial Aid in the Campus Bookstore

Students who have financial aid left over after the costs for tuition and fees are covered will be able to use this credit at the campus bookstore. The book credit cannot be used anywhere online or through another bookstore.

To utilize the book credit, visit the bookstore with a copy of your schedule and Photo ID during the designated book credit dates and indicate that you will be using your book credit eligibility to cover the cost of books.

Note: Not all students are eligible for the book credit. If you have a bill after financial aid has been applied to your charges, you will not be eligible for the book credit. The book credit can only be used through the announced deadline each semester. For deadline information, please visit the campus bookstore.

Bookstore purchasing procedures

The purpose of Financial Aid is to assist students in meeting educational costs and other related expenses. It is possible that you may have to pay for some books if your Financial Aid Award is not enough. The bookstore will establish individual accounts for students.

The procedures for purchasing at the bookstore are listed below:

    • You may only buy books and supplemental materials for courses, which are listed on your registration form.
    • Do not buy books for courses you are planning to add/drop. 
    • A reasonable amount of supplies may be purchased after all texts books have been purchased.

Items which may not be purchased during this time are:

    • Sundries
    • Food
    • Clothing
    • Cell phones, head phones, iPads and other small electronics are not considered supplies.

Other things to know:

    • Items, which may be bought after all text books are purchased must be school related.
    • The bookstore cannot take back a book that has been "used"; for example, your name is written in it. 
    • Do not write in or on books until you are certain you will not change your program of study or your classes.
    • If you have unspent money on your account you will be issued a refund check about halfway through the semester
    • Remember, books returned in "perfect condition" will be accepted for return.  Books marked in any way, are returned as "used", at considerable loss to you. 
    • Shrink wrapped books must be returned in their original packaging.

Students are not required to purchase their books from the NVCC Bookstore and may choose to purchase or rent their books elsewhere.  The financial aid credit cannot be applied to purchases made from third party sellers and the student will need to buy their books and supplies out of pocket.  If there is a financial aid credit on the student’s account, the student may reimburse him/herself when a refund is issued.