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About the Math Lab

The Math Lab offers a convenient environment for you to work on your math homework and projects. A collection of textbooks and calculators are available for you to use while you are working in the Lab and professional and peer tutors are available to assist you through the process of problem solving.

Stop By the Math Lab Today

We offer: 
  • Individual tutorial assistance. Tutoring is available whenever the Math Lab is open. No need to make an appointment: you'll find a team of peer and professional tutors on duty to assist you. Drop by for help or come work on your homework in an area where you can ask questions and receive assistance when you need it.
  • Computer access. The computers in the Math Center are equipped with all of the necessary tools for you to work on math projects including interactive computer tutorials for some classes. The Math Lab also offers access to MyMathLab tutorial software. MyMathLab is a comprehensive software system designed to help you with basic mathematics through calculus and statistics with internet-based assignments and tests. Internet and word processing applications are also available.
  • Informational tours. Arrange for a tour of the math lab through the Academic Center for Excellence.

Math Lab: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When are math tutors available?

Check our most up-to-date availability.

Do I need to make an appointment to see a math tutor?

No appointment is necessary. Math tutoring is done on a first-come-first-served basis.

Do you offer anything besides tutoring?

Yes. In addition to our academic support services, we have computers, text books, calculators and solution manuals that you can borrow while you are working in the Lab. An extensive collection of worksheets are also available, free of charge.

What should I bring with me to the Math Lab?

When you come to the Math Lab you should bring your text book and any notes from your class. Tutors can assist you with any text book problems or examples presented by your instructor during class that you are having difficulty with. Come ready with specific questions. Remember: The tutor's role is to provide assistance not to teach you an entire topic. Tutoring complements classroom instruction; it does not replace it.

How busy does it get?

It can get quite busy during the day at the Math Lab. To make the best use of your time as well as our tutors, you will be given a help card to signify tutors that you need help. Simply place the card in the upright position and a tutor will be over as soon as possible.