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Mission and Vision

  • Our Mission: Naugatuck Valley Community College offers quality, affordable education and training in response to evolving community needs by providing opportunities to individuals and organizations to develop their potential.
  • Our Vision: At NVCC, the word “community” is central and our students are considered our most sacred trust and finest asset. Collaboration within and outside the confines of our immediate surroundings defines our actions and is the base for the rich intellectual, educational, cultural and civic-minded experiences we provide our students. 

Institutional Values

  • Student Centeredness. All that we do—from planning to execution and assessment of initiatives— supports student learning and other student needs.
  • Academic Rigor. We set high academic standards for our students and ourselves. We provide the support necessary and model the academic rigor for students to achieve their goals.
  • Leadership. Leadership comes with each member of the community and at every level. Leaders embrace the vision, guide the mission, and model ways to ensure that all NVCC constituents have the knowledge, skills, and experiences to achieve their personal and professional goals.
  • Accountability. We believe in mutual accountability—students to faculty and staff, and faculty and staff to students—to build consensus on what needs to be done, provide the resources and support to get the work done, measure our results and transparently share what we have accomplished, and acknowledge and reward good work.
  • Respect. We respect and affirm the dignity and worth of all individuals and foster a supportive community exemplified by our commitment to inclusiveness, civility, compassion, and kindness.
  • Trust. Our bond is our trust in each other to do every day what is best for our students, for our alumni, for our fellow workers, for our donors, for employers, for pre-collegiate students, for transfer institutions, and for Connecticut citizens. Effective
  • Communications. We personally commit to open dialogue and keeping current on important matters that cut across all levels of the college.
  • Human Diversity. We value diversity among our students, employees, and community partners, knowing how differences in perspectives, experiences, and abilities contribute to the rich fabric of the college and the ability to achieve its mission.
  • Community Outreach and Civic Engagement. We engage our service region through extensive community outreach and civic engagement, welcoming all stakeholders to the table during the planning and assessment processes and promoting volunteerism and partnerships that advance critical community services and needs.
  • Beautiful and Positive Ideas. We believe beautiful ideas often come from unlikely places, and when they are proposed and supported, they bring added life to the campus and foster student success.

Naugatuck Valley Community College (NVCC) offers an enriching educational experience for degree-seeking students and those who are committed to lifelong learning. We offer a real alternative for students who want to save money and earn their associate degree without accruing large amounts of student debt. From campuses in Waterbury and Danbury, we offer day, evening, and weekend courses. We are the smart choice.