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Last NameFirst NameTitleDepartmentRoomPhoneEmail
AbaziKajmetBursarBursar's OfficeK508203-596-8625 KAbazi@nvcc.commnet.edu
AgatiRosemaryGEAR UP Site CoordinatorBridge to CollegeE600203-596-8737 RAgati@nvcc.commnet.edu
AhmedTarekCustodianMaintenanceC116203-575-8155 TAhmed@nvcc.commnet.edu
AmesLindaOffice Assistant, LABSSLiberal Arts and Behavioral/Social SciencesK600203-596-8615 LAmes@nvcc.commnet.edu
AndersonSusanProfessor, Respiratory CareAllied Health, Nursing & Physical EducationF106203-596-2129 SAnderson@nvcc.commnet.edu
AndersonLisaAssistant Professor of NursingAllied Health, Nursing & Physical EducationF306203-596-2170 LAnderson2@nvcc.commnet.edu
AngelastroPeterProfessor of BiologyScience, Technology, Engineering & MathematicsE521203-575-8185 PAngelastro@nvcc.commnet.edu
ArizmendiMariaCustodianMaintenanceC116203-437-9637 MArizmendi@nvcc.commnet.edu
ArsenaultBruceNetwork ManagerInformation TechnologyE605203-575-8171 BArsenault@nvcc.commnet.edu
AstacioIrisGuided Pathways Advisor 1Center for Academic Planning & Student Success (CAPSS) 203-596-8647 IAstacio@nvcc.commnet.edu

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Academic Affairs

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Bahme  Brenda Office Assistant, ACE E500 203-575-8073 BBahme@nvcc.commnet.edu
Dimascia  Susan Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs K719 203-575-8046 SDimascia@nvcc.commnet.edu
Kamo  Selina Secretary, Academic Affairs K719 203-575-8231 SKamo@nvcc.commnet.edu
Magee  Timothy Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs K719b 203-575-8007 TMagee@nvcc.commnet.edu
Moore  H. Justin Dean of Academic Affairs K719a 203-596-8690 HMoore@nvcc.commnet.edu
Salgado  Elizabeth Associate Director of ACE E533c 203-596-8680 ESalgado@nvcc.commnet.edu
Sheftel  Robert Director of Academic Support Center E500 203-596-8729 RSheftel@nvcc.commnet.edu

Accounting/Business Office

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Morris  Karen Accounts Payable Coordinator K705b 203-596-8621 KMorris@nvcc.commnet.edu
Palen  Lisa Director of Finance/Admin Services K705a 203-575-8100 LPalen@nvcc.commnet.edu
Zhu  Jian Assistant Accountant K705 203-596-8618 JZhu@nvcc.commnet.edu


Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
DaSilva  Patricia Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Administration K706c 203-575-8089 PDaSilva@nvcc.commnet.edu
Elm  Dana Interim Dean of Administration K706b 203-596-2153 DElm@nvcc.commnet.edu


Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Gonzales  Rebeca Enrollment Services Admissions Assistant K502 203-575-8297 RGonzales@nvcc.commnet.edu

Allied Health, Nursing & Physical Education

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Anderson  Susan Professor, Respiratory Care F106 203-596-2129 SAnderson@nvcc.commnet.edu
Anderson  Lisa Assistant Professor of Nursing F306 203-596-2170 LAnderson2@nvcc.commnet.edu
Beaupre  Patricia Professor, Physical Therapy / Clinical Coordinator F108 203-596-2156 PBeaupre@nvcc.commnet.edu
Bish  Kimberly Assistant Professor, Nursing F308 203-596-2171 KBish@nvcc.commnet.edu
Bueno  Elanne Clinical Coordinator/Nursing F317 203-596-8671 EBueno@nvcc.commnet.edu
Chahal  Aisha Assistant Professor of Nursing F310 203-596-8659 AChahal@nvcc.commnet.edu
Faherty  Kathleen Assistant Professor of Nursing F313 203-596-8775 KFaherty@nvcc.commnet.edu
Gabriele  Carol Associate Dean F111 203-596-8734 CGabriele@nvcc.commnet.edu
Gangaway  Janet Professor and Director Physical Therapist Assistant Program F117 203-596-2168 JGangaway@nvcc.commnet.edu
George  Eileen Professor, Nursing F316 203-596-2169 EGeorge@nvcc.commnet.edu
Kelley  Kristine Professor, Nursing F319 203-596-8666 KKelley@nvcc.commnet.edu
King  Virginia Clinical Coordinator F318 203-596-8657 VKing@nvcc.commnet.edu
Marie  Cheryl Secretary, Allied Health,Nursing &PhysEd F105a 203-596-8746 CMarie@nvcc.commnet.edu
Martone  Mark Professor/Program Director, Radiologic Technology Program F120 203-575-8266 MMartone@nvcc.commnet.edu
Mobilio  Ursula Associate Professor of Nursing F309 203-596-8724 UMobilio@nvcc.commnet.edu
Murphy  Kathryn Professor, Nursing F304 203-596-8673 KMurphy@nvcc.commnet.edu
Pirotta  Monica Assistant Professor, Nursing F305 203-575-8268 MPirotta@nvcc.commnet.edu
Puskas  Karen EA-Fitness Center E600 203-596-8747 KPuskas@nvcc.commnet.edu
Rivera Smith  Maribel Assistant Professor of Nursing F307 203-575-8132 MRiveraSmith@nvcc.commnet.edu
Santos Jr.  Antonio Professor, Radiologic Technology F107 203-596-2128 ASantos@nvcc.commnet.edu
Torres  Nancy Secretary, Allied Health, Nursing & Physical Ed F105 203-575-8057 NTorres@nvcc.commnet.edu

Alumni Affairs

No Data Available


Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Krusko III  Joseph Assistant Bookstore Supervisor S300 203-575-8254 JKrusko@nvcc.commnet.edu

Bridge to College

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Agati  Rosemary GEAR UP Site Coordinator E600 203-596-8737 RAgati@nvcc.commnet.edu
Cruz  Yovany Upward Bound Site Coordinator, Crosby High School E600 203-575-8017 YCruz@nvcc.commnet.edu
Enwerem  Ondri-Machale GEAR UP site Coordinator, Wilby High School E600 203-575-8017 OEnwerem@nvcc.commnet.edu
Gorbea  Synovia Bridge to College - Learning Assistant - Upward Bound E600 203-575-8017 SGorbea@nvcc.commnet.edu
Hall  Kamara Upward Bound Site Coordinator, Kennedy High School E600 203-575-8017 KHall@nvcc.commnet.edu
Houlihan-Aceto  Megan GEAR UP Project Director E600c 203-575-8084 MHoulihan-Aceto@nvcc.commnet.edu
Jackson  Karima Upward Bound Site Coordinator, Wilby High School E600 203-575-8017 KJackson@nvcc.commnet.edu
Mongillo  Sarah GEAR UP Site Coordinator, Crosby High School E600 203-575-8017 SMongillo@nvcc.commnet.edu
Rodriguez  Kiarilis GEAR UP Parent Engagement Specialist E600 203-596-8768 KRodriguez@nvcc.commnet.edu

Bursar's Office

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Abazi  Kajmet Bursar K508 203-596-8625 KAbazi@nvcc.commnet.edu
Barrett  James Collection Agent, Cashiers K506 203-596-8624 JBarrett@nvcc.commnet.edu
Calle  Juana Cash Accounting Clerk K508 203-575-8178 JCalle@nvcc.commnet.edu
Moffat  Angela Accountant K506 203-596-8622 AMoffat@nvcc.commnet.edu
Woolfrey  Barbara Cash Accounting Clerk K506 203-596-8686 BWoolfrey@nvcc.commnet.edu


Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Bacchiocchi  Louise Secretary, Business E601B 203-575-8068 LBacchiocchi@nvcc.commnet.edu
Bage  Robyn-Jay Professor, Management E602a 203-596-8786 RBage@nvcc.commnet.edu
Buchanan  Charles Academic Associate T613 203-596-8607 CBuchanan@nvcc.commnet.edu
Chaky  Joseph Professor, CIS T636 203-596-8781 JChaky@nvcc.commnet.edu
Cisek  Peter Professor, Business Computer Applications T637 203-575-8198 PCisek@nvcc.commnet.edu
Clough  David Professor, LAP T632 203-596-8744 DClough@nvcc.commnet.edu
DeFeo  Joseph Coordinator, Advanced Mfg. Tech Ctr T617 203-596-8692 JDeFeo@nvcc.commnet.edu
Demers  Sharon Secretary T610 203-575-8063 SDemers@nvcc.commnet.edu
DiFederico  Anthony Business & Industry Instructor (Mfg) T613 203-596-8609 ADiFederico@nvcc.commnet.edu
Eddy  Sandra Professor, CIS T635 203-596-2130 SEddy@nvcc.commnet.edu
Evertez  Antonio Adjunct, CIS E518 AEvertez@nvcc.commnet.edu
Gertner  Camela Assistant Professor orf Accounting E612 203-596-8669 CGertner@nvcc.commnet.edu
Kelly  Brian Adjunct, CIS E518 BKelly@nvcc.commnet.edu
Mahar  Tracy Assistant Worksite Coordinator E619 203-575-8224 TMahar@nvcc.commnet.edu
Marcoux  Lee Adjunct, CIS LMarcoux@nvcc.commnet.edu
Marotti-Delieto  Donna Professor, Finance E602b 203-596-8683 DMarotti-Delieto@nvcc.commnet.edu
Rotella  Karen Professor, Hospitality Management T546 203-596-8739 KRotella@nvcc.commnet.edu
Santos  Luiz Business & Industry Instructor (Mfg) T614 203-596-8611 LSantos@nvcc.commnet.edu
Schnubel  Mark Professor, Automotive Technician Program T523 203-596-8796 MSchnubel@nvcc.commnet.edu
Shaker  Danielle Adjunct E515 DShaker@nvcc.commnet.edu
Taylor  Kathy Professor/Legal E616 203-575-8279 KTaylor1@nvcc.commnet.edu
Tirita  Gregory Business & Industry Instructor (Mfg) T623 203-596-8738 GTirita@nvcc.commnet.edu

Business Division

No Data Available


No Data Available

Campus Support Services

No Data Available

Center for Academic Planning & Student Success (CAPSS)

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Astacio  Iris Guided Pathways Advisor 1 203-596-8647 IAstacio@nvcc.commnet.edu
Bergstrom  Nathan Guided Pathways Advisor 1 NBergstrom@nvcc.commnet.edu
Boucher  Alyssa Guided Pathways Advisor 1 K520 203-596-8787 ABoucher@nvcc.commnet.edu
Branco  Sofia Guided Pathways Advisor 1 SBranco@nvcc.commnet.edu
Brown-Welch  Aquia Guided Pathways Advisor II K520b 203-575-8142 ABrown-Welch@nvcc.commnet.edu
Cayo  Athalie Guided Pathways Advisor II - EMSA K519b 203-596-8608 ACayo@nvcc.commnet.edu
Christmas  Cecelia Guided Pathways Advisor 1 CChristmas@nvcc.commnet.edu
Cruz Jr  Miguel Guided Pathways Advisor 1 MCruz2@nvcc.commnet.edu
D'Amore  Deirdre Guided Pathways Advisor 1 T619 203-575-8014 DDAmore@nvcc.commnet.edu
Erinfolami  Sade Guided Pathways Advisor 1 SErinfolami@nvcc.commnet.edu
Ford  Aliah Office Assistant for Guided Pathways K520 203-575-8099 AFord@nvcc.commnet.edu
George  Christin Guided Pathways Advisor 1 CGeorge1@nvcc.commnet.edu
Goulet  Bonnie Campus Advising Lead K520 203-596-8752 BGoulet@nvcc.commnet.edu
Harris  Kiesha Guided Pathways Advisor KHarris1@nvcc.commnet.edu
Houlihan  Susan Guided Pathways Advisor 1 E520 203-596-2164 SHoulihan@nvcc.commnet.edu
Johnson  Samuel Counselor K520e 203-575-8192 SJohnson1@nvcc.commnet.edu
Latella  Terry Counselor/Learning Disabilities Support K519c 203-596-8608 TLatella@nvcc.commnet.edu
Launder  Jessica Placement Testing Specialist K519c 203-575-8048 JLaunder@nvcc.commnet.edu
McCann  Vincent Guided Pathways Advisor 1 K520 203-575-8209 VMcCann@nvcc.commnet.edu
McNeil-Coates  Beth Guided Pathways Advisor 1 K511 203-596-2196 BMcNeil-Coates@nvcc.commnet.edu
Orellana  Ana Guided Pathways Advisor 1 AOrellana@nvcc.commnet.edu
Ortiz  Jenny Guided Pathways Advisor 1 JOrtiz1@nvcc.commnet.edu
Rodriguez  Samantha Guided Pathways Advisor 1 SRodriguez1@nvcc.commnet.edu
Simmel  Alice Guided Pathways Advisor 1 ASimmel@nvcc.commnet.edu
Smith  Tara Guided Pathways Advisor 1 K511 203-596-8676 TSmith1@nvcc.commnet.edu

Center for Job Placement and College Opportunities (CJPCO)

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Smith  Teresa Job Placement Coordinator L524 203-596-2191 TSmith@nvcc.commnet.edu
Stango  Linda Director of Workforce Transition and Outreach L524 203-575-8221 LStango@nvcc.commnet.edu
Terry  Allison Secretary, Job Placement Center L524 203-575-8223 ATerry@nvcc.commnet.edu
Wormack  Antony Academic Advisor/Student Retension Specialist L524 203-575-8159 AWormack@nvcc.commnet.edu

Child Development Center

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Buckley  Faith Clerk Typist, CED K400 203-575-8047 FBuckley@nvcc.commnet.edu
Clark  Wilissa Co-Teacher K400 203-596-8604 WClark@nvcc.commnet.edu
Maksymiw  Kristine Atelierista K400 203-596-8604 KMaksymiw@nvcc.commnet.edu
Milia  Kim Lead Co-Teacher K400 203-575-8292 KMilia@nvcc.commnet.edu
Petrakopoulos  Laura Lead Co-Teacher K404 203-596-2178 LPetrakopoulos@nvcc.commnet.edu
Sepanski  Courtney Lead Co-Teacher K400 203-596-8606 CSepanski@nvcc.commnet.edu
Spino  MariLynne Lead Co-Teacher K400 203-596-8619 MSpino@nvcc.commnet.edu
Turner  Katheryn Co-Teacher K400 203-596-8604 KTurner@nvcc.commnet.edu

Community & Economic Development

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Charris  Jennifer EA-Snap E&T Coordinator F315 203-575-8166 JCharris@nvcc.commnet.edu
Godbolt  Fay Interim Director of Non-Credit Program Founders 3rd 203-575-8031 FGodbolt@nvcc.commnet.edu
Lutkus  Sharon Program Coordinator F320 203-596-2197 SLutkus@nvcc.commnet.edu
Ouellette  Judy Secretary, CED F324 203-575-8130 JOuellette@nvcc.commnet.edu
Petrario  Andrea Secretary, CED F323 203-575-8029 APetrario@nvcc.commnet.edu
Purdy Jr.  John EA-Program Coordinator F320 203-575-8123 JPurdy@nvcc.commnet.edu
Tolin  Cynthia Program Coordinator F320 203-596-8743 CTolin@nvcc.commnet.edu

Community Engagement

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Catuccio  Elizabeth Administrative Assistant, Community Engagement K720 203-575-8045 ECatuccio@nvcc.commnet.edu
Chapman  Angela Associate Dean of Development K720 203-575-8208 AChapman@nvcc.commnet.edu
Hartmann  Patricia EA-AsstCoordofInstitAdvanc K718 203-596-8798 PHartmann1@nvcc.commnet.edu


No Data Available


No Data Available

Danbury Campus

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Chakar  Robert Educational Assistant Danbury 203-437-9699 RChakar@nvcc.commnet.edu
Lopes  Alexandra Guided Pathways Advisor 1 Danbury 203-437-9640 ALopes@nvcc.commnet.edu
MacBrien Downs  Tammy Counselor/Danbury Campus D309 203-437-9652 TMacBrienDowns@nvcc.commnet.edu
Maldonado  Ivelisse Librarian/Danbury Campus D201 203-437-9648 IMaldonado@nvcc.commnet.edu
O'Brien  Daniel Educational Assistant Danbury 203-437-9699 DOBrien@nvcc.commnet.edu
Santiago  Antonio Dean of the Danbury Campus Danbury 203-437-9637 ASantiago@nvcc.commnet.edu

Distance Learning

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Boyce  Lewis Education Technology Specialist L311 203-575-8255 LBoyce@nvcc.commnet.edu
Horvath  Carrie Director of Distance Learning L307 203-575-8182 CHorvath@nvcc.commnet.edu

Financial Aid

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Hardy  Catherine Director of Financial Aid K513a 203-575-8167 CHardy@nvcc.commnet.edu

Health & Disability Services

No Data Available

Health Care and Community Education

No Data Available

Human Resources

No Data Available

Information Technology

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Arsenault  Bruce Network Manager E605 203-575-8171 BArsenault@nvcc.commnet.edu
Florencio  David Systems Manager E604 203-575-8023 DFlorencio@nvcc.commnet.edu
Goudreau  Christopher IT Tech 1 E605 203-575-8172 CGoudreau@nvcc.commnet.edu
Lam  Bao I.T. Technician II E605 203-596-8722 BLam@nvcc.commnet.edu
Rafey  Zohra I.T. Technician II E604 203-596-8726 ZRafey@nvcc.commnet.edu
Villanueva  Nephtali Director of IT E603e 203-575-8140 NVillanueva@nvcc.commnet.edu

Institutional Research

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Omar  Sohair Interim Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness K406 203-575-8281 SOmar@nvcc.commnet.edu

Learning Resources Center

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Glidden  Andrea Librarian L404 203-575-8106 AGlidden@nvcc.commnet.edu
Hammond  Jaime Director of Library Services L406 203-575-8199 JHammond@nvcc.commnet.edu
Johnson  Lauren Systems Librarian S401a 203-575-8250 LJohnson@nvcc.commnet.edu
Leonetti  John Librarian L404 203-575-8021 JLeonetti@nvcc.commnet.edu
London  Jodee Library Associate L410 203-575-8147 JLondon@nvcc.commnet.edu
Stebbins  Jenna Librarian L405 203-596-8712 JStebbins@nvcc.commnet.edu

Liberal Arts and Behavioral/Social Sciences

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Ames  Linda Office Assistant, LABSS K600 203-596-8615 LAmes@nvcc.commnet.edu
Baker  B.L. Associate Dean for Liberal Arts/Behavioral Social Sciences K600c 203-575-8002 BBaker@nvcc.commnet.edu
Ball  Karlene ESL Program Coordinator E519b 203-575-8156 KBall@nvcc.commnet.edu
Bratt  Alexander Associate Professor of Theater A301 203-575-8038 ABratt@nvcc.commnet.edu
Calo  Abbie Director, Child Development Center K400a 203-575-8293 ACalo@nvcc.commnet.edu
Cocchiola  Christine Professor, Human Services K602 203-575-8284 CCocchiola@nvcc.commnet.edu
Collette  Paul Assistant Professor of DARC/Program Coordinator of DARC K610b 203-596-8655 PCollette@nvcc.commnet.edu
Curns  Jonathan Technical Coordinator/Fine Arts Center Theater A304 203-575-8184 JCurns@nvcc.commnet.edu
Ekquist-Lechner  Karla Associate Professor, History/Geography K602 203-596-2102 KEkquist-Lechner@nvcc.commnet.edu
Evans-Boniecki  Jean Professor, English L308 203-596-2110 JEvans-Boniecki@nvcc.commnet.edu
Gregory  Lori Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education K402b 203-596-8664 LGregory@nvcc.commnet.edu
Harding  John Associate Professor, English K604 203-596-8763 JHarding@nvcc.commnet.edu
Harel  Gilad Associate Professor of Music A504 203-575-8039 GHarel@nvcc.commnet.edu
Lebel  Amanda Professor, Art - Department Chair of Visual and Performing Arts S401c 203-575-8176 ALebel@nvcc.commnet.edu
Leite  Ray Professor, Digital Arts Technology Program Coordinator Digital Arts Technology L305 203-575-8152 RLeite@nvcc.commnet.edu
Lombard  Louis Professor of English, Chair of Humanities and Program Coordinator, General Studies and FYE K606 203-575-8169 LLombard@nvcc.commnet.edu
Majeski  Melanie Professor, ESL E520 203-596-2109 MMajeski@nvcc.commnet.edu
McGary  Nikki Professor, Sociology, Department Chair, PSY/SOC/Social Sciences K600d 203-596-2103 NMcGary@nvcc.commnet.edu
Nielsen  Latisha Associate Professor, Sociology K605 203-575-8238 LNielsen@nvcc.commnet.edu
O'Donnell  Kim Professor, Psychology K601 203-575-8052 KODonnell@nvcc.commnet.edu
Ormond  Earl Professor, Criminal Justice - Program Coordinator, Criminal Justice K609 203-596-8605 EOrmond@nvcc.commnet.edu
Pallis  Patricia Department Chair, Humanities K603c 203-596-2115 PPallis@nvcc.commnet.edu
Pelletier  Kate Associate Professor, English K606 203-575-8233 KPelletier@nvcc.commnet.edu
Petitfrere  Julia Professor, English K606 203-575-8150 JPetitfrere@nvcc.commnet.edu
Picard  Ronald Professor, English K602 203-596-8761 RPicard@nvcc.commnet.edu
Rempfer  Christopher Professor of English - Program Coordinator, Liberal Arts and Sciences K605 203-575-8245 CRempfer@nvcc.commnet.edu
Royal  Amy Professor, Communication K607 203-596-8614 ARoyal@nvcc.commnet.edu
Saltourides  Eleni Professor, ESL E519c 203-575-8160 ESaltourides@nvcc.commnet.edu
Scott  Beth-Ann Professor, English K603a 203-596-2199 BScott@nvcc.commnet.edu
Shuchter  Lisa Professor of English K610a 203-575-8222 LShuchter@nvcc.commnet.edu
Tarzia  Wade Associate Professor, English K604 203-596-8603 WTarzia@nvcc.commnet.edu
Teitleman  Alan Assistant Professor of Communication K607 203-596-8612 ATeitleman@nvcc.commnet.edu
Tiru  Angela Professor, Psychology K617b 203-596-2194 ATiru@nvcc.commnet.edu
Tolbert-Bynum Rivers  Pamela Associate Professor, English S401b 203-575-8037 PTolbert-BynumRivers@nvcc.commnet.edu
Venuk  Lawrence Professor, Psychology E310 203-596-8643 LVenuk@nvcc.commnet.edu
Warriner  Beth Professor, Criminal Justice & Public Safety K601 203-596-8735 BWarriner@nvcc.commnet.edu

Lifelong Learning

No Data Available


Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Ahmed  Tarek Custodian C116 203-575-8155 TAhmed@nvcc.commnet.edu
Arizmendi  Maria Custodian C116 203-437-9637 MArizmendi@nvcc.commnet.edu
Cammuso  Jiancarlo QCW-HVAC C110 203-575-8114 JCammuso@nvcc.commnet.edu
Clifford  Lee Skilled Maintainer C116 203-575-8155 LClifford@nvcc.commnet.edu
Correia  Joseph Storekeeper Assistant C127 203-596-8757 JCorreia@nvcc.commnet.edu
Creel  David Supervising Custodian C116 203-575-8155 DCreel@nvcc.commnet.edu
Cruz  Maria Custodian C116 203-575-8155 MCruz1@nvcc.commnet.edu
D'Angelo  James Custodian C115 203-575-8155 JDAngelo@nvcc.commnet.edu
DeFord  Shawn Material Storage Supervisor 2 C127 203-575-8141 SDeFord@nvcc.commnet.edu
DiMascia  Enrico Custodian C116 203-575-8155 EDiMascia@nvcc.commnet.edu
Fornito  John Custodian C116 203-575-8155 JFornito@nvcc.commnet.edu
Gauthier  Fred Custodian C116 203-575-8155 FGauthier@nvcc.commnet.edu
Horvath III  Alexander Custodian C116 203-575-8155 AHorvath@nvcc.commnet.edu
Lorme  Thomas Custodian C116 203-575-8155 TLorme@nvcc.commnet.edu
Maisto  Daniel Custodian C116 203-575-8155 DMaisto@nvcc.commnet.edu
Maksuti  Idriz Custodian C116 203-575-8155 IMaksuti@nvcc.commnet.edu
Niesobecki  Mark Custodian C116 203-575-8155 MNiesobecki@nvcc.commnet.edu
Olear  William Clerk Typist, Maintenance C115 203-575-8275 WOlear@nvcc.commnet.edu
Paulone  Michael Custodian C116 203-575-8155 MPaulone@nvcc.commnet.edu
Plaza  Obdulio Custodian C116 203-575-8155 OPlaza@nvcc.commnet.edu
Poland  Thomas QCW-Locksmith C120 203-575-8237 TPoland@nvcc.commnet.edu
Quinones  Crystal Custodian C116 203-575-8155 CQuinones@nvcc.commnet.edu
Reeves  Christopher Maintainer C116 203-575-8155 CReeves@nvcc.commnet.edu
Schwartz  Michael Horticulture Academic Assistant E316b 203-596-2135 MSchwartz@nvcc.commnet.edu
Terry  Bryan Maintainer: Driver/Equip Operator C116 203-575-8155 BTerry@nvcc.commnet.edu
Vail  Beth Lead Custodian C116 203-575-8155 BVail@nvcc.commnet.edu
Valestra  Leonardo QCW-Painter C116 203-575-8155 LValestra@nvcc.commnet.edu
Vega  Jose Custodian C116 203-575-8155 JVega@nvcc.commnet.edu
Zawadka  Denise Boiler Tender C110 203-575-8230 DZawadka@nvcc.commnet.edu


No Data Available


No Data Available


No Data Available


No Data Available


No Data Available


No Data Available


No Data Available

Office of the Registrar

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Lopez-Castro  Marisol Associate Registrar K518a 203-596-8702 MLopez-Castro@nvcc.commnet.edu


No Data Available


Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Dresdner  Lisa CEO K703a 203-575-8004 LDresdner@nvcc.commnet.edu
Hernandez  Jessica Administrative Assistant/Office of the CEO K703 203-575-8044 JHernandez@nvcc.commnet.edu
Monchun  Beth Executive Assistant/Office of the CEO K703c 203-575-8083 BMonchun@nvcc.commnet.edu

Print & Copy Center

No Data Available

Public Safety

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Bradley  Nathaniel Building & Grounds Patrol Officer C122 203-575-8113 NBradley@nvcc.commnet.edu
D'Alusio  Jeffrey Police Lieutenant C122a 203-575-8126 JDAlusio@nvcc.commnet.edu
McCauley  Brian Police Sergeant C101 203-575-8118 BMcCauley@nvcc.commnet.edu
Neumahr  Michael Police Officer C122 203-575-8113 MNeumahr@nvcc.commnet.edu
Olivero  Michael Building & Grounds Patrol Officer C122 203-575-8113 MOlivero@nvcc.commnet.edu
Parker  Kesha Telecommunications Operator C122 203-575-8113 KParker@nvcc.commnet.edu
Soto  Pedro Building & Grounds Patrol Officer C122 203-575-8113 PSoto@nvcc.commnet.edu
Stanton  Daniel Police Officer C122 203-575-8126 DStanton@nvcc.commnet.edu
Woodend  Arthur Building & Grounds Patrol Officer C122 203-575-8113 AWoodend@nvcc.commnet.edu


No Data Available

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Angelastro  Peter Professor of Biology E521 203-575-8185 PAngelastro@nvcc.commnet.edu
Benzi  Peter Professor, Physics E426 203-596-2138 PBenzi@nvcc.commnet.edu
Binney  Rebecca Professor of Biology E421 203-596-2175 RBinney@nvcc.commnet.edu
Burke  Bryan Interim Academic Associate E418c 203-596-2146 BBurke@nvcc.commnet.edu
Burt Jr.  Harold Professor, Mathematics E411c 203-596-2147 HBurt@nvcc.commnet.edu
Cassano  Susan Administrative Assistant E411b 203-575-8053 SCassano@nvcc.commnet.edu
Dagan McGee  Kristen Electronic Engineering Technology Program Coordinator T616 203-596-8748 KDaganMcGee@nvcc.commnet.edu
Damiano  Jeff Professor, Biology E319 203-596-8627 JDamiano@nvcc.commnet.edu
Faryniarz  Joseph Professor, Biological Sciences E313 203-596-8635 JFaryniarz@nvcc.commnet.edu
Jewell  Virginia Educational Assistant, NVISION E406 203-596-8632 VJewell@nvcc.commnet.edu
Leszczynski  Thomas Assistant Professor of Mathematics E407 203-596-8617 TLeszczynski@nvcc.commnet.edu
Litwinko  Deborah Professor, Mathematics E408 203-596-2127 DLitwinko@nvcc.commnet.edu
Lynch  Sharon Associate Professor, Biology E421 203-575-8154 SLynch@nvcc.commnet.edu
Mazzamaro  Robyn Office Assistant, STEM E602c 203-596-8772 RMazzamaro@nvcc.commnet.edu
Mullaney  David Professor, Biology E413 203-596-2179 DMullaney@nvcc.commnet.edu
Nguyen  Hien Instructor of Mathematics E406 203-596-8700 HNguyen@nvcc.commnet.edu
Pettinico  Sandra Professor, Mathematics E404 203-596-2161 SPettinico@nvcc.commnet.edu
Plaza  Carlos Assistant Professor of Math E405 203-596-8713 CPlaza@nvcc.commnet.edu
Ramer  Kevin AssociateProfessor of Math E407 203-596-2152 KRamer@nvcc.commnet.edu
Sackett  Rachel Professor, Biology/Science E522 203-596-2140 RSackett@nvcc.commnet.edu
Seabury  Jason Professor, Mathematics E419 203-596-8631 JSeabury@nvcc.commnet.edu
Sharma  Narendra Professor and Coordinator of Mechanical Engineering Technology Program T611 203-596-8689 NSharma@nvcc.commnet.edu
Tuccio  Christopher Professor of Horticulture/Science Dept. Chair E418b 203-596-8634 CTuccio@nvcc.commnet.edu
Urbina-Lilback  Ruth Professor, Math/Math Department Chair E418a 203-575-8129 RUrbina-Lilback@nvcc.commnet.edu
Zheng  Jianyu Professor, Biology E413 203-596-2162 JZheng@nvcc.commnet.edu
Zozulin  Alexander Ph.D, Professor of Chemistry E425 203-596-2155 AZozulin@nvcc.commnet.edu
Zupkus  Janet Professor, Math E420 203-596-8704 JZupkus@nvcc.commnet.edu

Student Activities

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Blake  Karen Director of Student Activities S514 203-575-8269 KBlake@nvcc.commnet.edu
Thompson  Alberta Secretary 1, Student Activities S514 203-575-8229 AThompson2@nvcc.commnet.edu

Student Services

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Gager  Sarah Dean of Students K509a 203-575-8086 SGager@nvcc.commnet.edu
Zutant  Diane Administrative Assistant, Student Services K509 203-575-8012 DZutant@nvcc.commnet.edu

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Veterans' Affairs

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Web Services

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