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The Mission of the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program

The Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program is committed to high standards as it educates students with the knowledge, clinical skills, professional behaviors, and core values essential to evidence-based and culturally competent care.

PTA Program Vision:

The program emphasis on technology and communication facilitates learning in the classroom and the clinic as the program endeavors to educate students who:

  • strive for excellence as physical therapist assistants
  • commit to high ethical standards
  • appreciate and value racial, social, economic, and cultural diversity
  • utilize critical reflection
  • invest in community involvement
  • engage in lifelong learning

Working in the Physical Therapy Team

The physical therapist assistant (PTA) is a valued member of the physical therapy team.  As a PTA you'll work under the direction and supervision of the physical therapist and help to carry out the physical therapy treatment plan. 

Physical therapy offers exciting career opportunities! 

As a PTA you have the chance to work with patients in:

  • hospitals after a hip replacement, injury from trauma or cancer
  • school systems with children who are disabled or need special attention
  • private practice offices for orthopedic or sports related rehabilitation
  • industrial settings for patients recovering from work injuries
  • patient homes following discharge from a hospital or rehab center
  • rehabilitation hospitals or nursing homes following a hip fracture or stroke.
You will be responsible for:
  • performing selected treatment interventions within the PT plan of care, like therapeutic exercise and ultrasound
  • collecting patient data, such as strength and flexibility
  • helping patients reach the goals outlined in the PT plan of care
  • documenting the patient’s response to treatment
  • providing education and support to patients and their families
  • communicating with other health care providers.

To be successful in this career path, you should truly enjoy working closely with people and studying science courses, such as anatomy and physiology. 

Additional information:

About the PTA Program at NVCC and Consortium Colleges

  • All applicants interested in applying to the PTA Program should apply through Naugatuck Valley Community College. 
  • The previous consortium arrangement between Naugatuck Valley Community College (NVCC) Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program and Capital, Housatonic, Manchester, Northwestern, and Tunxis Community Colleges has been dissolved. NVCC continues to be a fully accredited program accepting applications for admission. All students admitted and graduating from the program after January 1, 2015 will be considered graduates of the fully accredited PTA program sponsored by Naugatuck Valley Community College. All prospective PTA students should apply through the NVCC Admissions Department.