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Student Resources

Quick Facts

Need Some Homework Help?

Join the 22,000 students who visit the Academic Center for Excellence in a given semester. The ACE offers free tutoring for enrolled students.

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Did you Know?

The Center for Academic Planning & Student Success (CAPSS) provides the following services:
Academic Advising
Personal Counseling
Transfer Planning
Career Planning

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Need to Sign Out a Laptop?

In addition to signing out a laptop, the library has books, usb drives, and even guitars that you can sign out.

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Academic Resources available for every student to help them succeed

Your success is our expectation

We are student-success driven and one of the only community colleges to offer free, on-campus tutoring for every student. What’s more, students who use our resources do better. Students that visit the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) increase their grades, feel more empowered, and are more likely to stay in college. At NVCC, we’re here for you, so take advantage of all the great resources we have to offer for current students and alumni.


Job, career, and transfer resources

  • Career, Job, and need-blind transfer support: CJPCO
  • Transfer assistance: CAPSS

DACA Students - Update

  • Delayed Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) - For CSCU's position on DACA, legal and community resources, and a frequently asked questions area, please review the CSCU web page.

Student Spotlight

  • Justin West

    "As a 33 year old I thought I was going to feel like an outcast, older than all the other students, and bigger than everyone. But, all those things changed when I first started here at NVCC. NVCC is an accepting environment and they protect all students. Student services including the ACE, CAPSS, and the Library gave me many advantages and also made me feel like I could become anything and be who I want to be, because my past will never define my future. "

  • Hannah Lafontaine

    "Deciding to come to NVCC was the best choice I ever made. I love the people here - the diversity, the different backgrounds everyone carries just makes NVCC unique compared to how high school felt because everyone was just like me. Initially, I had hoped to go to a college in Virginia, but realized it wouldn’t work financially. When I first started, I had thought that community college was for people who didn’t have dreams or goals – but after meeting lots of students and learning about their goals and passion for their area of study I don’t believe that anymore. If you hear negative things about community college don’t let it influence your decision about attending…NVCC can change your life!"

  • Gerald Mullings

    "The library at NVCC offers lots of resources beyond books and databases. There’s printing, computer labs, and lots of staff to help you find what you need. I also use the library to rent out laptops when I need them. They even have guitars to borrow. Not only are the resources at NVCC great but also the staff who really dedicate themselves to help the students move forward."

  • Edyta Blicharz

    "The new Center for Health Sciences looks and feels great. There are a lot of new student areas with bigger spaces for us to get work done and socialize with class mates. The new simulation labs are amazing. The nursing professors at NVCC are not only wonderful at teaching but they are also experts at what they do. They are always open to help you in any way possible and having them talk to the class about their experiences in the field helps us to learn through their hands-on wisdom."

  • Jose Padilla

    " The advisors here were really helpful while I was putting together my schedule. They made everything easy. They worked the schedule around me and that was one of the things I loved because everything felt flexible and compatible. Plus taking classes at NVCC’s Danbury campus is convenient and close to home. The new campus facilities are modern and up to date offering computers and places to study as well as a great student lounge."

  • Elida DeJesus

    "As a first generation college student NVCC really gave me the support to navigate the admissions and financial aid process. My goal was to transfer to Eastern CT State University once I got my associate degree and my advisor helped me with all my questions and made sure I had a smooth transfer process to Eastern CT State University. I can’t wait to be the first person in my family to earn a bachelor’s degree! Some people say community college is like high school – but it’s definitely not. There’s so many opportunities to make your own path – it’s definitely college. In fact, my brother, sister and cousin will all be coming to NVCC too!"

  • John Perry

    "The faculty is a tremendous support in everything I need help with for my academics. They really care about me and how well I am doing with classes."