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Modified Supplemental Instruction (mSI)

What is Modified Supplemental Instruction?

mSI is the lab portion of the following courses:

  • ENG 096T
  • ENG 096
  • MAT 095
  • MAT 136

mSI is not a study hall.

Purpose of mSI

The purpose of mSI is to help students taking the developmental courses above to gain the skills necessary to succeed in these classes by providing assignments that promote active learning, critical thinking, and transferable skills. Working together with mSI leadership, students put forward their best efforts to pass the developmental courses on the first attempt with a C or better, thus, improving students’ confidence to do well in the following college-level courses as well as improving retention rates.


For sections that meet once a week, 10% of the overall grade comes from participation mSI and for sections that meet twice a week 15% of a student's overall grade comes from participation in mSI.

Need more info? Contact:

750 Chase Parkway
Waterbury, CT 06708

mSI Lab Locations

  • E533d
  • E533e
  • E533f

Each mSI room is outfitted with laptops, calculators, books, and other tools to promote students achieving successful outcomes in their studies.

    More info about mSI

    Naugatuck Valley Community College supports intensive and transitional (developmental students) (PA12-40 initiative) by offering mSI labs, which provides leader-guided learning sessions to improve student success with developmental English and Math courses. Students in the mSI sessions work on a computer platform with guidance from an mSI leader to build critical thinking and transferable skills. mSI also provides a place for students to review current course materials and clarify additional questions. Students in mSI receive participation percentage for their performance with the computer platforms.