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Emergency Response Plan

Annex: Shelter In-Place Plan

Classification: Level 1, 2 or 3
Department: All Campus Departments
Departmental Emergency Contact: Public Safety

A. Purpose:

The purpose of this plan is to establish the procedures to be followed by faculty, staff and students in the event they must remain inside a campus building to shelter-in-place. Implementation of these procedures whenever necessary may minimize injury and even death.  

B. Priorities:

In the event sheltering-in-place is required, Public Safety will work with College Administration to coordinate the plan. Faculty and staff will be expected to assist in assuring student safety.

C. Expectations for Employees and Students: 

In the event of a potential shelter-in-place situation, Public Safety will work with College Administration to identify the need for a shelter in-place. Depending upon local events, Public Safety may be notified by a state directive to shelter in-place.  In most cases, the College may make an independent decision to shelter-in-place in response to an incident or condition on campus.  Public Safety will notify faculty, staff, and students through the communication systems.  The information provided will give direction on how to respond to the emergency.

D. Communications:

Immediate and subsequent communications will be made through the College’s emergency notification systems:   

  • myCommNet Alert
  • Face to Face – Direct contact by emergency responders
  • Runner – Group contact by individuals moving from area to area
  • E-mail – Mass messages to provide information
  • Telephone broadcast system
  • Website and social media – Specific messages to provide updates
  • Fire alarm system announcement
  • Media – Communication via local radio and television stations  

E. Responsibility and Control: 

Emergency responders will assume total control of the scene.  If the situation dictates, the Incident Command System will be used as directed by the National Incident Management System. The CIMT will assemble if the situation requires it.

F. Emergency and Training Plans:

If a situation requires you to shelter in-place, you may have to take the following action:

  • Stay indoors until you are advised it is safe to go out.
  • Close all windows and exterior doors.
  • If a HazMat/WMD incident is suspected, turn off outside ventilation systems (i.e., air conditioning, heat, fans, etc.).
  • Go to a basement or lower level room without windows or outside doors, if possible.
  • Follow all College emergency information sources. 
  • Some shelter-in-place incidents may require you to move to a designated shelter-in-place area(s). Follow directions provided by emergency responders and/or designees.
  • Once sheltered-in-place, do not move to another location unless you have been directed to do so or unless remaining in the current location poses an immediate danger of injury/death.
  • If possible, someone should take attendance of all persons in your area. Include name, date of birth, and emergency contact.  You may be asked to provide this information to emergency responders.

November 2013