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I'm planning to transfer from NVCC to another college, where can I find more information?

Many of our associate degree programs readily transfer to the University of Connecticut, the Connecticut State Universities and other respected colleges and universities throughout the U.S.Learn more about:

What is the Federal Definition of a Credit Hour?

Credit Hour: 

Federal regulation defines a credit hour as an amount of work represented in intended learning outcomes and verified by evidence of student achievement that is an institutional established equivalence that  reasonably approximates not less than: (1) One hour of classroom or direct faculty instruction and a minimum of two hours of out of class student work each week for approximately fifteen weeks for one semester or trimester hour of credit, or ten to twelve weeks for one quarter hour of credit, or the equivalent amount of work over a different amount of time; or (2) At least an equivalent amount of work as required in paragraph (1) of this definition for other academic activities as established by the institution including laboratory work, internships, practica, studio work, and other academic work leading to the award of credit hours. 

Is NVCC committed to Academic Freedom?

Academic Freedom Statement

Naugatuck Valley Community College is committed to the free pursuit and dissemination of knowledge. We believe that academic freedom thrives in an environment of intellectual diversity and protects and fosters independence of thought and speech. Faculty and students are therefore encouraged to teach and study a given field, to examine all pertinent data, to question assumptions and to be guided by the evidence of scholarly research.

Student Academic Freedom Statement 

Naugatuck Valley Community College believes the freedom to learn depends upon the creation of appropriate conditions and opportunities within a college campus. At NVCC, we aim to provide an intellectual sanctuary for the pursuit of truth and discovery by allowing students to reflect on their rights and values of diversity, personal perspective, critical intelligence, openness and fairness. These, we believe, are the cornerstones of higher education.