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ACE Faculty Information


Thank you for recommending our services to your students. A few things to note:

  • Some professors include our contact information in their syllabi. 
  • Others invite us into the class to present a five minute introduction to our services. 
  • Many find referring individual students equally valuable. 

Students can visit the ACE at any point in the semester to request help in a particular course. We will do our best to meet their request and always suggest that students work with their professor in addition to seeking tutoring assistance.

Requesting a class visit by an experienced staff member

We recognize that your class time is a precious commodity but inviting a representative from ACE may be an excellent way of informing your students about the ACE resources. At any time during the course of the semester you can contact us to arrange a class visit. Our peer tutors are also excellent resources for your students. If students are not using our services as much as you would like, please contact us to invite one of our tutors to come to the class and share our services with your students.

Recommending students to become tutors

As content area experts, you have an astute sense of the knowledge-base of the students enrolled in your courses. You also have insight into their character and see their ability to work with others through in-class observations and faculty conferences. If you think one of your former students would be a good tutor, please discuss the possibility with the student and if he or she is willing, please refer them to our office for more information.

We do ask that all of our tutors obtain faculty recommendations for all courses they would like to tutor. 

Some tutors may approach you to request that you fill out the Faculty Recommendation Form. We hope that you see this as the honor it is intended to be. Download, complete, and forward this form to Robert Sheftel, E500.