Virtual Relaxation Room

Virtual Relaxation Room

Welcome to NVCC's Virtual Relaxation Room

We understand how challenging balancing life in and out of the classroom can be.  Finding ways to manage your stress is practicing good self-care and is important for healthy minds and bodies. It's always helpful to exercise, read, listen to music or talk with friends, but there are also things you can do to relax your body and calm your mind. Learning healthy techniques to use every day will help reduce your stress level and increase your resiliency. Please try one of the free relaxation resources listed below to help ease some of the stress you may be experiencing.  If you are someone who has a hard time sitting to relax, there are active techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) or yoga that can be very helpful.

Also, be sure to harness the power of sleep. Getting eight or more hours is needed to heal our body and mind each day. If you struggle with falling asleep try bedtime yoga or an adult bedtime story to quiet your mind before bed. 

Choose one of the options below to practice every day and start on your journey to good self-care or use it to supplement your own self-care routine.

 If you want to learn more about how to manage the stress in your life, please make an appointment with a counselor at  

As a precaution, please do not listen to any of these activities while driving a vehicle.

Meditation (YouTube)

PMR/Body Scan (YouTube)

Yoga (YouTube)

Sleep (YouTube)

Phone Apps

  • Calm Free meditation, music, soundscapes, and sleep App. Children’s meditations too.
  • Chill-Daily Mindfulness Free daily inspirational quotes. It provides mindfulness reminders randomly throughout the day. Very college student focused.
  • Koru Mindfulness Free evidence-based program for teaching mindfulness & meditation to college students and other young adults.
  • Mindshift Free anxiety reducing guided meditations.
  • Insight Timer Free 10,000 guided meditations. Children’s meditations too.
  • Stop, Breathe, and Think Free guided meditations.
  • #SelfCare Free games/activities for stress.
  • Mindfulness Coach Free self-guided training. Created for Veterans but appropriate for everyone.
  • Relax Melodies Free version. This App allows you to combine your favorite sounds from its pre-selected recordings and make your own, soothing melodies.
  • Stress Scan Free check your stress throughout the day to better manage it.
  • Headspace $10.00 a year for a student if log in on the website, not the app. Mini meditations for stress, anxiety, falling asleep, personal growth, etc. Adult and children.
  • Smiling Mind Free Australian meditations focused on increasing calm and contentment and stress reduction. Adult and children meditations.
  • Happyfeed: Journal Free. Gratitude journaling is one of the easiest ways to find more happiness by training your brain to focus on the positive and become more resilient.

Resources for Children

  • Go Noodle Mindfulness games, videos, and activities. It is also an App, search for the free version
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga Yoga for kids. YouTube Videos
  • Three Good Things: A Happiness Journal This App is simple and easy-to-use, helping children focus on the positive and recognizing what went well today. (Ages 6 and up.) Every child gets to list three things daily that went well, which begins to train their mind to look for things to appreciate and begin a gratitude practice. Apple phones.
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