GEACC Members and Meeting Minutes

GEACC Membership

NVCC's General Education requirements are reviewed and assessed by the General Education Assessment and Curriculum design Committee (GEACC). This committee is composed of one library representative, one student representative, and 10 faculty as well as non-voting members from the Registrar, the Office of Institutional Research, and the Dean of Academic Affairs. The committee must have at least one member with expertise in each competency area, and each academic division must have at least one, and no more than 3, members. In order to ensure representation across the college community and to provide continuity for assessment, Committee members are elected by each academic division and serve a minimum 2-year term. The duties of the committee include identifying and approving college courses used to fulfill competency requirements. The committee is also responsible for researching, scheduling and assisting in the implementation of assessment methods to determine if students are achieving competency outcomes. Committee members are listed below alongside the competency areas they oversee:

Competency Member Title
Quantitative Reasoning
Kevin Ramer
Chair of GEACC; Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Written Communication Beth-Ann Scott Professor of English
Oral Communication
Amy Lenoce
Professor of Communication
Allied Health Representative

Scientific Knowledge and Understanding
Ursula Mobilio


Assistant Professor of Nursing
Appreciation of the Aesthetic Dimensions of Humankind
Continuing Learning and Information Literacy
Jaime Hammond
Director of Library Services
Critical Analysis and Logical Thinking
Sandra Eddy
Associate Professor of CIS
Historical Knowledge and Understanding
Karla Ekquist-Lechner Associate Professor of History/Geography
Scientific Reasoning
Sharon Lynch Assistant Professor of Biology
Social Phenomena Knowledge and Understanding

College Assessment Coordinator
Ron Picard Professor of English, Assessment Leader

Registrar Office Representative
Ed Clancy Associate Registrar

Student Government Rep

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