Learn About NVCC Engineering Programs

Learn About NVCC's Engineering Programs

How to Choose the Best Engineering Program for You

Engineering and Engineering Technology are similar yet distinct areas of study that both lead to careers in industry. Many students do not realize this distinction and thus may choose the wrong program. This page is designed to help the prospective student make an informed choice. Please reach out to an advisor to discuss these options in more detail. 

The following charts summarize the differences between Engineering and Engineering Technology:  


As you can see, there is much overlap between Engineering and Engineering Technology curricula and career options. We in the STEM Division advise students to keep the following in mind when deciding on a program of study:

  • Your academic/career interests
  • Your life circumstances
The following are general guidelines that we have developed over years of advising students. As always, an advisor can help you determine a plan of action.

Engineering Technology

Engineering Technicians apply science and engineering concepts to solve problems. If you:

  • like technical work in which you execute a project through all phases, and
  • plan to start or advance your career upon graduating, or even during your studies, then

Engineering Technology may be right for you. Please consider the following NVCC programs:


Engineers design solutions to problems using science and engineering concepts. If you:

  • like conceptual work in which you perform research, development and analysis, and
  • plan to immediately transfer into a baccalaureate engineering program upon graduating, then

Engineering may be right for you. Please consider the following NVCC program:

Engineering Science

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