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Program Overview

Program Overview

There continues to be a need for professional public servants. The modern criminal justice/public safety system needs people with the ability to think critically, demonstrate sensitivity, and maintain professional standards. Enroll in our criminal justice courses or get your degree and explore the possibilities for a career in this field. Our Criminal Justice/Public Safety program can help prepare you for entry-level employment or give you the education you need to transfer to a four-year college or university. 

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  • Career-oriented students are prepared for beginning positions in law enforcement and policing. Typical positions for which graduates are qualified include: police officer, probation officer, corporate security, corrections officer, private investigation, and computer security specialists.
  • The program offers a broad liberal arts education for those students who wish to transfer their earned credits from the program to  a four-year academic institution of their choice.

Earn a certificate

A criminal justice certificate program is available to students who do not wish to pursue a full two-year course of study.

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Career Possibilities

Career Possibilities


Some career opportunities may require additional education beyond an associates degree.

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Train for a Career in Law Enforcement

The Criminal Justice/Public Safety Program provides training for career opportunities in law enforcement and policing, and also offers a broad liberal arts education for those students who wish to transfer their earned credits from the program to four-year academic institution.


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Security Officer

Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

This certificate program focuses on skills development for those people who are already inthe law enforcement and security services and for those who seek entry-level employmentin those services. The program may be pursued on a full or part-time basis. For furtherinformation, consult the Division Director or the Program Coordinator

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Student Success

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Academic & Transfer

Transfer options are available for students who choose this course of study.  Talk with your advisor.

Career Paths

The criminal justice career sector is one of the fastest growing in the United States. Across the nation, there is a continued, heightened focus on law enforcement, immigration, public safety, and security, which has created a high demand for the kinds of careers listed below:

  • Police Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Corporate Security
  • Corrections Officer
  • Private Investigation
  • Computer Security Specialists


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