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Program Overview

Program Overview

You’ll gain a strong technical knowledge in the core areas of information systems, with an emphasis in:

  • computer programming    
  • database 
  • operating systems 
  • computer networking 
  • network security 
  • systems analysis
  • project management

Your degree program will also reinforce a broad understanding of other disciplines related to information systems, such as accounting, math, management and communication. You may tailor your degree to your interests. Choose from a wide range of electives as you work towards your degree. Not sure what to pick? We’ll help you connect your skill strengths with your career interests until you find your own area of focus.

Earn a degree

  • Degree options include:
  • Career-oriented students are prepared for beginning positions in computer systems information and information technology. Typical positions for which graduates are qualified include: computer systems analysts, software developers, information security analysts, computer support specialists.
  • Transfer seamlessly to a CT State College or University with the CSCU Pathway Transfer: Computer Science Studies degree.

Earn a certificate 

Networking, Object/Oriented Programming, and  Management Information Systems (MIS) certificate programs are available to students who do not wish to pursue a full two-year course of study.

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Career Possibilities

Career Possibilities


Some career opportunities may require additional education beyond an associates degree.

Additional Details

A degree in CIS is your gateway to one of the fastest growing and highest-paid job fields in the market.

As a member of one of the College’s original and longest-standing degree programs, you’ll learn from a continuously updated and evolving curriculum that reflects the needs of today’s technology professionals. 

As a CIS student, most of your classes will take place in Technology Hall.

You’ll learn in “smart classrooms,” which feature advanced audio and video communications systems. 

  • Every CIS classroom includes student workstations with current software loaded.
  • Networking lab courses are held in one of three specialized smart classrooms connected to an adjacent server room. 

The CIS degree can lead directly to employment as a:

  • Computer Programmer
  • Web Software Developer
  • Network Administrator
  • Database Specialist
  • Information Technology Specialist
  • Systems Analyst and more...

You will also have the option to transfer your credits to a four-year college or university with similar degrees.


Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

This certificate program will prepare students for applications and system programming positions within a business environment. Courses are designed to offer students immediate positions in industry, and will also provide a solid foundation for continuation in our two year associate’s degree in Computer Information Systems Technology.

This certificate is for individuals who desire an understanding of personal computer networks and their use in the workplace. The course of study will provide you with a thorough knowledge of local area network design, network management, installation, servicing and support. Students will possess an understanding of PC network technology and programming, set-up, communications, utilities and system management.

The Object-Oriented Programming certificate educates students in the areas of object-oriented programming and systems design, with students taking courses in the area of object-oriented systems (OOS). Programming languages include C++, VISUAL BASIC and JAVA.

An introduction to client/server systems applications is also included in this certificate program. Courses are designed to educate students for immediate positions in the industry and provide a solid foundation for continuation in our two-year associate degree in Computer Information Systems Technology.

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Academic & Transfer

Transfer options are available for students who choose this course of study.  Talk with your advisor.

Career Paths

After you graduate, you’ll join thousands of successful NVCC graduates who already work in information technology. Specialize in areas like: management information systems, microcomputer networking administration, and object-oriented programming. Or, prepare for a career as a:

  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Computer Support Specialist


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