Liberal Arts and Behavioral Sciences Division (LABSS)

Liberal Arts/Behavioral & Social Sciences Division


Liberal Arts/Behavioral & Social Sciences Division (LABSS)

Our 21st Century Global Society

The Liberal Arts/Behavioral & Social Sciences Division (LABSS) offers courses that help you acquire the communication, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and global learning skills that prepare you for an entire lifetime of opportunities!

In addition to real world analysis that you’ll experience in the classroom, you'll explore your creative side in the visual arts, dance, music, and theater. We have two different kinds of theaters for the performing arts - a black box as well as a Broadway style theater, where you may participate on and offstage in plays, concerts, dance, and other media productions.

Our Faculty

Passionate about teaching and learning, our nationally-recognized LABSS faculty share the highest commitment and dedication to students. As published writers, professional artists, psychologists, social workers, police officers, and attorneys, their collective two centuries of experience provides a rich learning environment that you’ll find in few other places.

This is just the beginning!

Whether you want to take classes for personal enjoyment, add general education coursework to a professional-technical or workforce certificate, or transfer to a four-year college or university, the LABSS division offers a range of inspiring and challenging educational opportunities for you to meet your personal and professional learning goals. All our degree programs are designed to transfer to four-year schools like the University of Connecticut, the Connecticut State Universities, the University of Bridgeport, and many others. We can also help you find employment across the state through our cooperative education programs. 

Our mission

The mission of the Liberal Arts and Behavioral & Social Sciences Division is to prepare our students for academic and career success through a life of critical engagement and creative expression, and to inspire a personal commitment to social development through diverse and academically rigorous course offerings.

Our vision

The faculty and staff of the LABSS Division are committed to innovative and effective educational practices that create opportunities for students to gain a lifelong engagement with literature and the arts, a deeper understanding of the social dynamics, cultural aspects, psychology, history, and philosophies that created our past and modern cultures, a greater awareness of themselves and others, an increasing appreciation of our diverse world, and the skills to enter the workforce to help themselves and others achieve a meaningful life.

Division Contact Information
B.L. Baker
203-575-8002 (p)
203-596-8755 (f)
Room: K600c
750 Chase Parkway
Waterbury, CT 06708

LABSS Publications

LABSS Publications
Meet our Faculty


Bratt, Alexander L
Full Profile
Alexander L Bratt
Associate Professor of Theater
Room: A301
203-575-8038 (p)
Cocchiola, Christine
Full Profile
Christine Cocchiola
Professor, Human Services
Room: K602
203-575-8284 (p)
203-575-8284 (f)
Collette, Paul
Full Profile
Paul Collette
Assistant Professor of DARC/Program Coordinator of DARC
Room: K610b
203-596-8655 (p)
Evans-Boniecki, Jean
Full Profile
Jean P Evans-Boniecki
Professor, English
Room: L308
203-596-2110 (p)
Gregory, Lori
Full Profile
Lori Gregory
Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education
Room: K402b
203-596-8664 (p)
Harel, Gilad
Full Profile
Gilad Harel
Associate Professor of Music
Room: A504
203-575-8039 (p)
203-575-8039 (f)
Leite, Ray
Full Profile
Ray M Leite
Professor, Digital Arts Technology Program Coordinator Digital Arts Technology
Room: L305
203-575-8152 (p)
Majeski, Melanie A
Full Profile
Melanie A Majeski
Professor, ESL
Room: E520
203-596-2109 (p)
McGary, Nikki K
Full Profile
Nikki K McGary
Professor, Sociology, Department Chair, PSY/SOC/Social Sciences
Room: K600d
203-596-2103 (p)
Pelletier, Kate E
Full Profile
Kate E Pelletier
Associate Professor, English
Room: K606
203-575-8233 (p)
Picard, Ronald S
Full Profile
Ronald S Picard
Professor, English
Room: K602
203-596-8761 (p)
Rempfer, Christopher
Full Profile
Christopher Rempfer
Professor of English - Program Coordinator, Liberal Arts and Sciences
Room: K605
203-575-8245 (p)
Saltourides, Eleni
Full Profile
Eleni Saltourides
Professor, ESL
Room: E519c
203-575-8160 (p)
Teitleman, Alan
Full Profile
Alan Teitleman
Assistant Professor of Communication
Room: K607
203-596-8612 (p)
Warriner, Beth A
Full Profile
Beth A Warriner
Professor, Criminal Justice & Public Safety
Room: K601
203-596-8735 (p)
Meet our Staff


Ames, Linda
Full Profile
Linda Ames
Office Assistant, LABSS
Room: K600
203-596-8615 (p)
Ball, Karlene N
Full Profile
Karlene N Ball
ESL Program Coordinator
Room: E519b
203-575-8156 (p)
Calo, Abbie M
Full Profile
Abbie M Calo
Director, Child Development Center
Room: K400a
203-575-8293 (p)
203-596-8650 (f)
Curns, Jonathan
Full Profile
Jonathan Curns
Technical Coordinator/Fine Arts Center Theater
Room: A304
203-575-8184 (p)
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