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February 7, 2020 Remarks for the All-College Meeting

My Dear Colleagues and Students,
     I am happy to be here with you, and to engage in another semester of good work on behalf of our students and for our own sakes.  As you have been reading in the WB, we are organizing to begin the preparation process for the 10 Year Self-Study report to be submitted to NECHE in 2022. I have been very happy to hear from a number of colleagues of their willingness to serve, indicating their committee preference.  I hope to hear from many more of you in the near future.  In preparation of the research required for the committees to begin their work in fall 2020, we are in the process of reviewing our Strategic Plan 2016-2026, and drafting a progress report by the end of this academic semester. 

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September 2018: In praise of immigrant contributions to U.S.

The sometimes unchallenged noise about immigration coming from the White House has touched me and many others personally and profoundly. The noise warps and too often alters the general perception of the roles immigrants have played, and continue to play, in building our great nation. It is a matter of concern to me and many others throughout Connecticut’s communities, particularly our immigrant families, friends and neighbors.

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October 2017: Making the same case for community colleges — proudly

During my nearly 40-year association with higher education, I have made the same equity case about the value of community colleges. Their history is rooted in the public good. Their mission embraces the community. Their vision points to a stronger future. Their core values demand respect. They are the embodiment of the Civil Rights Movement. They are splendid institutions.

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August 2017: Community colleges move the people and can move the state

I am not forgetting about or unsympathetic to the state’s demanding financial situation and the complex challenges of addressing the projected shortfalls in the next biennial budget. At Naugatuck Valley Community College (NVCC), we know about increasing pressures to meet the needs of our constituencies while available funds keep decreasing. I say proudly that NVCC has remained in the black during each of the past nine years.

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April 2018: NVCC’S Response to the Opioid Crisis Conference

Good morning, dear NVCC friends, colleagues and students.  I offer words of gratitude and welcome as we engage in a dialogue and invite ways to explore how we work together to bring about an end of the opioid crisis in our city, state and nation that has brought about devastating loss of young lives and significant pain to many families.  Too many. Love begins at home.  So we will focus on the here and now in the communities we serve.

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April 2018: Association of College and Research Libraries, Presentation of award to the NVCC Max R. Traurig Library

Good afternoon, and what a beautiful afternoon it is!  It is my absolute pleasure to welcome our distinguished guests and the NVCC family as we celebrate the work of our colleagues in the library and the generous recognition of our work by the Association of College and Research Libraries.  A special thank you to Mary Ellen K. Davis, ACRL Executive Director and Cheryl A. Middleton ACRL President for their recognition of the value of the work by our entire staff and the granting of the Association of College and Research Libraries Excellence in Academic Libraries Award to our Max R. Traurig Library and to Steve Sutton, GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO (the sponsor of the award) and to Dr. Irene M. Herold, College of Wooster and Past President of the ACRL for being with us this afternoon to honor us with the presentation of this prestigious award.

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June, 2017: Eighth Annual Community Meeting

Good Afternoon, dear friends and family of Naugatuck Valley Community College.  It is a joy to welcome you this afternoon to our 8th community meeting and to thank you for joining us for an update on the first year of our “Toward a Splendid College: Naugatuck Valley Community College Strategic Plan: 2016-2026”. This is a good opportunity for us to hear your comments about our common interests as we map out the work to be undertaken in the next academic year.  How wonderful it is to see so many of you, partners and supporters, a room filled with generosity and intelligence:   members of the NVCC Foundation, of the NVCC Regional Advisory Council, wonderful educators, fellow community leaders representing so many agencies and municipal government and NVCC management, faculty, staff and students.

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May, 2017: All-College Meeting

Good afternoon, welcome to the last All College meeting of Academic year 2016-2017.  It is a pleasure to have with us friends and family of NVCC:  It is good to reflect on a year that has brought both significant achievements and challenges.  We have been able to collaborate and to manage efficiently to our students’ benefit.  The present state of the budget in Connecticut, will challenge us to move in efficient and student-centered ways.  We will manage change, as we have done in the past, with courage and generosity. We will continue to find ways to collaborate and to advocate for collaborations that will help our beautiful NVCC move forward in a generous and supportive manner for our students.  As we navigate change today and in the years to come, I know we will honor our values and stay very close to our mission and vision as a dedicated and very successful community college.  Student success is today, and has been for many years, our ultimate goal and our expectation.

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January, 2017: All-College Meeting

Good morning, and what a beautiful morning this is.  I believe our beautiful program says it all.  This is a new and beautiful year because it finds us happily situated in a new Campus in Danbury, a space that is thriving with love and life and learning.  Their enrollment numbers have exceeded our most aggressive projections. And because we are here, moved-in on time for a new semester in this gorgeously renovated Founders Hall-a new home for our Center for Health Sciences and for our Community and Economic Development programs. Both of these programs are top of the line in their own respective fields of studies; both are brought together in the splendor of this beautiful space as natural partners in the future of workforce in Health Sciences and Health Care for the communities we serve.

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December, 2016: All-College Meeting

My Dear Colleagues and Students:

    I begin with a heartfelt thank you for the humanity and generosity evidenced these past few months by our college community as we supported colleagues and students who became ill, and came together to mourn the death of two young men whose lives were cut short.  Let us begin by one moment of silence, reflection and prayer.

I am comforted by your presence as I join you this afternoon to mark the end of another academic semester and give thanks for the talent of so many who work hard and share generously with the NVCC family.  Another year comes to a close; a year when all of us continued to work hard, to see significant additions to our facilities in the renovation of Founders and creation of the Center for Health Sciences, a campus-wide improvement project and new facilities to accommodate our growing Danbury Campus.

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